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CocoaHeadsNL Alert

Only 26 conference tickets and 13 Uni day tickets remaining for DO iOS.

University day

We are thrilled to announce that our University day will be hosted in Boven C. It’s right next door to the location of the conference. We’ll be sure to post this info on our website as well. It’s will be a nice training space and break room combined into one. We will make sure there’s enough power outlets and we will test the WiFi.


Bring banking to the next level and contribute to the biggest digital revolution in history!

Mobile banking, signing up with a selfie, Apple Watch technology, and payment with smartphones are digital innovations at ABN AMRO to make banking faster, easier and smarter. Our teams develop secure new products to improve our customer journey, while other teams ensure our services remain safe and accessible. Co-creation is the key to the best innovation!

With millions of flawless transactions per day, almost 100% availability of internet banking and the highest customer satisfaction score for our app, it seems to work out just fine. No reason to sit back though as we are reshaping our current IT landscape. What happens behind the screen, stays behind the screen; but our work, new products, and more ease and speed positively affect our customers. Now, and in the near future, we have to give what it takes to stay ahead and continue achieving these high standards. We guarantee tomorrow’s products work and advise our business how these products can be further improved and developed. We facilitate the digitalization of our bank and carry the responsibility towards society. These are major changes with huge impact, but banking needs to remain available for all our customers: safe, reliable and 24/7.

At ABN AMRO we are ambitious! We are seeking people who want to help us realize our ambitions with their passion. Our colleagues are responsible team players with a ‘can-do’ mentality. We focus on innovation, sustainability and use our entrepreneurialism to perform at top level. Is your head always in the cloud? #workyourtalents. Explore your future career at

About Do-iOS

After the initial editions by Xebia in 2015 and 2016 Xebia gracefully donated the ownership of Do iOS to CocoaHeadsNL.

We think we have an awesome iOS community in the Netherlands with a large variety of companies building great apps and services. In this spirit we will be organising a one-day conference in Amsterdam on November the 2nd, 2018.

Just like our meetups we would love to give as many developers as possible a fair chance to visit and are currently getting the schedule together. There are only 130 seats available and being a community driven event we’re aiming at a fair price: Euro 149,- Tickets are already available online at

In case you’d like to get involved or are interested in joining Do iOS as a sponsor please contact us at

Kind regards,


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