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Getting ready for an awesome 2018 community edition!

After the initial editions by Xebia in 2015 and 2016 we would like to announce we are preparing a 2018 community edition. Xebia gracefully donated the ownership of Do iOS to CocoaHeadsNL, which is now the new driving force behind Do iOS.

We think we have an awesome iOS community in the Netherlands with a large variety of companies building great apps and services. In this spirit we will be organizing a one-day conference in Amsterdam on November the 2nd, 2018.

Just like our meetups we would love to give as many developers as possible a fair chance to visit and are currently getting the schedule together. There are only 130 seats available and being a community driven event we’re aiming at a fair price: Euro 149,- Tickets are already available online at right now.

In case you’d like to get involved or are interested in joining Do iOS as a sponsor please contact us at In case you want to stay up to date we invite you to stay subscribed to our mailinglist.


We are pleased to announce our first sponsor

Achmea’s story is the story of its employees. In the coming years, we’ll be building the Achmea of the future together. Our social role in which we help people to deal with risks won’t change, but the way we perform it will. We are a leading service provider with daily relevance for our customers. We provide insight into uncertainties and offer appropriate solutions for dealing with them. We will also keep delivering the same service we’ve been providing for more than 200 years. If damage occurs, we will provide compensation and assist our customers in recovering.

Want to join the future? See our career opportunities (Dutch).

Stay tuned for updates

We got some great other news coming up soon. Updates will follow as soon as possible. In case you dont want to miss out get your ticket now ;)

Kind regards,


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