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We have been organizing Cocoaheads for some years now. Almost every single one of our meetups is packed with people just like you. The RSVP’s fill up so fast that we have a large waiting list most of the time. This is a good thing for our community - loads of people want to see good speakers from our industry.

Please RSVP

Currently we see a trend where people RSVP to claim a spot but at the last moment are not showing up. We understand that, with our meetups filling up so quickly, we would do that too. As many of you know - food is arranged in advance and depends on the total number of attendees. So if you decide to not show up and/or not update your RSVP, we are left with a lot of food what has to be thrown away. Apart from this being wasteful, it also causes unhappy sponsors.

Our sponsors

A big part of our meetups are our sponsors. They help us making this happen. Without our sponsors no venue, no speakers and no food. “What no food? I only go here for the food!” Can you imagine a meetup without food? Or without speakers?

That’s why we need your help preventing this. If you decide to attend, or not, please update your RSVP as soon as possible.

Did you know you can update your RSVP directly with the app?

We tried it - it litterally takes 4 seconds.

Let’s make a deal

As we said earlier; we need your help. It’s a “Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse” kinda deal.

If you promise to check your calendar before RSVP’ing, we promise to do our best trying to fit as many of you in our venues and upscaling when necessary and thus keeping the waiting list as short as possible so everyone can attend. Because we like everybody to have a fair chance attending.

How does that sound?

Think of the kittens

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