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On the afternoon of the 29th of june we kicked-off the first ever dutch NSCoderNight. Doors opened at 15.00 and most stayed untill 23.00

It’s like a hackathon, but different:

We like hacking, we like hackathons but what we don’t like is how hackathons turned into something commercial. We like it when vendors give us toys to play with - whether it is Apple bringing out new API/SDK’s during WWDC or an IBM that talks about Kitaru. When vendors bring something exciting and new to play with we like to get down and boogy.

And because learning new stuff is difficult and having to form teams with people you don’t know only adds unnecessary pressure. We wanted to come up with a hackathon that’s about hacking with friends, getting to know other developers and technology and no other gain except for the fact that you learn alot and enjoy yourself.

So our NSCodernight is intended to get to know other developers, learn from each other in a relaxed and social atmosphere aimed at having fun while learning and coding with other developers. Meet new friends, explore new API’s, learn or teach possible techniques to others

Hack untill we master it. And don’t stop untill we own it.

NSCodernight was born.

Topics to learn

Since the WWDC 2016 gave us so much new and shiny API’s to explore we decided to aim for a iOS10 hackathon. Before we started we polled on our Slack community what people wanted to learn. With that input we made a shortlist of 5 topics.

  • Swift on the server
  • iOS 10 Notifications
  • SiriKit (or IntentKit)
  • MessageKit
  • UIAnimations API

Everything is open…

We had five self-organizing-teams of about 6 people each discovering and hacking on a different topic. People were collaborating even from different teams. The whole night had a nice relaxed learning environment, and people were motivated to create something worth showing eachother.

If you like to see what our teams made, most experiments are open-sourced on our github repo

On to the next!

This pilot was a big success and ofcourse there will be more to come! Keep an eye out on our meetup page.

We love to hear from you

In case you would like to discuss an idea or have a suggestion feel free to contact us via email

See you at our next meetup!

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