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We’re proud to announce an addition to our team!

Great news on the 21st of June, we are adding an extra team member to CocoaHeadsNL to help organise extra stuff we are working on. So as of today Sidney de Koning will be added to our team!

Sidney is an iOS developer at The Capitals in Amsterdam and next to help with organising meetups, will be updating our blog with new posts. You can also reach him on twitter using his personal or community account, I Heart Swift Lang.

In case you did not subscribe yet, this might be a great time to do so.

New meetups, new speakers:

As most of you know we are already planning way ahead of time at the moment. Our current setup allows for two speakers on an evening and all talks are from our community and amongst other developers. In case you would like to tell others what you’re working on at the moment just let us know and we’ll get in touch to let you know the closest speaking opportunity.

We love to hear from you

In case you would like to discuss an idea or have a suggestion feel free to contact us via email

See you at our next meetup?

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