Current schedule

It’s going great! Our current calendar is filled with nice events for the upcoming months. We got some great new sponsors like Achmea and Moneybird on board next to our current sponsors.

Extra Meetups

As a result of the new sponsorships we organised two extra meetups in the east of the Netherlands. For some this means some more travel than usual, for others it’s an event closer to home. We’re expecting some new faces and are exploring the possibilities. Currently we are discussing if we should fit these meetups into the regular schedule or keep an additional calendar as it could increase organisation efforts. We would love to hear your feedback on this!

A new year, a new way of RSVP’ing to an event.

As you may probably not know is that we, the Dutch chapter of Cococaheads, are doing all this in our spare time. Some of us have kids, all of us demanding jobs and we still make time to get together and do this. Because we believe this community is important and it shapes us as people and as coders. It is also very fulfilling that we can add value to this community. This is the very essence why we organise Cocoaheads. This is the craft we love.

Last year we have organized a number of events. Great sponsors, tasty food and amazing speakers. We try to talk to most of the people that visit our events. And they always tell us the same thing. Over and over again. “Luckily I was able to be here tonight because last time I was to slow with my RSVP. Even the waitlist was full.” Too slow? Waitlist? On one hand that’s a good thing, on the other it’s the reason for this post.

Nerderlands 2016

During Nerderlands we invited Aaron Hillegass to join us for a meetup in Amsterdam. Without any hesitation he said ‘YES!’.

Aaron Hilegass - many know him because of his trademark cowboy hat or of the Cocoa books he wrote. He worked and trained people at NeXT and founded one of the most well known training facilities in the world called Big Nerd Ranch. For the last 15 years he has been teaching and training people iOS, macOS, Android, Python, Ruby and much much more.


We have been organizing Cocoaheads for some years now. Almost every single one of our meetups is packed with people just like you. The RSVP’s fill up so fast that we have a large waiting list most of the time. This is a good thing for our community - loads of people want to see good speakers from our industry.

On the afternoon of the 29th of june we kicked-off the first ever dutch NSCoderNight. Doors opened at 15.00 and most stayed untill 23.00

It’s like a hackathon, but different:

We like hacking, we like hackathons but what we don’t like is how hackathons turned into something commercial. We like it when vendors give us toys to play with - whether it is Apple bringing out new API/SDK’s during WWDC or an IBM that talks about Kitaru. When vendors bring something exciting and new to play with we like to get down and boogy.

We’re proud to announce an addition to our team!

Great news on the 21st of June, we are adding an extra team member to CocoaHeadsNL to help organise extra stuff we are working on. So as of today Sidney de Koning will be added to our team!

We’re working on our new blog

Stay tuned for more info

Addition to the team:

We’re working on a brand new blog and will announce an addition to our team shortly.

What does it mean:

  • More great stuff to enjoy as an iOS developer about Cocoa, Swift etc.


Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions, send your mail here